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1951 – First commercial work

Weddings, important family events, photographs have been produced in small home studio.

 1962 – Photo supplies sale

Toša Atanacković at his new job as sale manager (left).
At the Photokina exhibition (middle two).
Organizing group visits to Photokina exhibitions (right)

1978 – First Photo studio established

Back to craft – privately owned photo studio established at Narodnog Fronta, Novi Sad.

1979 – Photo studio at Beočin

First color photos were made at Beočin 1983.

 1986 – Color 24 Novi Sad

Photo studio Bulevar Mihajla Pupina, Novi Sad established 

1994. – Toša Atanacković (left)
2010. – Color 24 Novi Sad, street view (right)

 1987 – Oriental* minilab servicing

Agreement made with Orita Switzerland to provide technical services for Oriental* minilabs in ex Yugoslavia.
*Oriental is registered trade mark

 1990 – Shareholders at Orita Switzerland

Shares from Orita Switzerland acquired. Orita was authorized distributor for Oriental* minilabs for Europe.
*Oriental is registered trade mark

 1991 – Color 24 New York, USA

Photo studio at Columbus Avenue 543, Manhattan, New York established

1991 – Color 24 Sombor

Photo studio at Čitaonička, Sombor established

 1997 – Orita Color 24 established

Photo shop supplies distribution established 

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